What is the purpose of this project?

Update current playground equipment​.

The current playground equipment at Handy Andy Park has safety concerns due to its age and condition. It also has limited ability to entertain several families at once. The new playground equipment will be safer, is designed to accommodate more children at once, and is also designed to entertain a broader range of ages. 

What about a splash pad?

Unfortunately, at this time, the splash pad will no longer be a part of this project. After talking to several other villages who have put in splash pads, we discovered that the site preparation required to place a splash pad in the park will dramatically increase our original quote. When all was said and done, many communities ended up spending in the hundreds of thousands, just on putting in a splash pad. This is not to say that a splash pad will never happen, but for now we are going to focus our efforts on raising money for the playground.


Add additional park features.

In addition to new playground equipment, we hope to raise funds to add fencing around the play area, place educational signs about history and wildlife throughout the park, plant new trees, and work with the DNR to create a safe walking path along the river from downtown to the park. All very exciting things!

Stay up to date!

Be sure to visit this website frequently to stay up to date on fundraising progress, upcoming fundraisers, and other project information. 


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Upcoming fundraisers

We are currently looking into grants. Please contact us if you know of any that would be a good fit for this project!