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What is the purpose of this project?

An effort to enhance Handy Andy Park​.

The project began in 2019 with the idea to replace the old playground equipment in the park. A group of community volunteers (Aarynn Bosshart, Tyler Bosshart, Gregg Deutsch, Jasmine Durrence, Cristy Peavey, Sandy Jacobs, Mindy Connors, and Dan Connors) formed the Handy Andy Park Project Committee. The committee met monthly to brainstorm ways to raise funds for the park. The Covid-19 pandemic made fundraising efforts more challenging, so we had to scale back the original design. However, with the generous support of community members and local businesses, a beautiful new playground was installed in April 2021. 

What is next?

Future goals for the park include a safe walking/biking path from town into and around the park and someday a bathroom. See the donation tab for more details. 

Stay up to date!

Be sure to visit this website frequently to stay up to date on fundraising progress, upcoming fundraisers, and other project information. 


Upcoming fundraisers

We are currently looking into grants and collecting donations at the Village Hall. Please contact us if you know of any grants that would be a good fit for this project!

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